I’m sorry. It’s just… I react to certain doom in a certain way. It’s a bad habit.

October 21, 2007 at 8:02 pm (Film, T.v, Books etc, Fun, Uncategorized)

So I was trawling YouTube cos I was bored the other day and came across these two excellent Atlantis vids. The one above is a promo for the¬†series which I thought was neat and the one below is some guy rapping about wanting to be on the show! Definately chuckle-worthy… and the thing is that he’s actually won a cameo on the show!!! How cool is that?

Enjoy ūüėÄ


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Take me to your leader!!

October 15, 2007 at 8:59 pm (Film, T.v, Books etc)


Went to the flicks to watch ‘Invasion’ last night … man was that a good film! Really creepy when everyone started turning into aliens and they were just standing still and staring!

It’s right up my alley – I luv all sci-fi films and this one is based on the novel ‘The Body Snatchers’ which is quite similar to another book I read called ‘The Bidden’ -cept in that one the aliens ate peoples faces to take them over!!


I have to say that the highlight of the whole film was definately¬†watching Daniel Craig … mmmm… he can snatch my body any time he wants!!!! ūüėČ

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It’s a city not a yo-yo

August 21, 2007 at 9:18 pm (Film, T.v, Books etc)


Yes folks it’s finally almost time to strap yourselves in for another thrilling season of Stargate Atlantis. Ooooh … I’m so excited that I can hardly contain myself. I think I’m going to need a new drool bucket and a diaper change!! Lol.

Sky One has confirmed that they will be airing the first season four episode (which follows on from the cliff-hanger where after escaping from the replicator beam by flying the city they find themselves stuck in space with limited power and no planets or stargates near them … Eeeeep!).

It will be aired on: Tuesday October 9th at 8pm on Sky One and Sky OneHD … YAY!!

There’s some seriously good story arcs coming up – Teyla pregnant, Carter taking over from Weir, finally some Sheppard back-story and a new mysterious race called the ‘Travellers’ . Coooool, it’s going to be great. I’m still thinking the wraith Michael should be coming back -especially now he has a bug army!! I can’t wait ūüėÄ

P.s. If you haven’t already been to see the ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ you HAVE to go see it! It’s seriously awesome – we were sat down the front near the speakers and I’m completely deafened from hearing gunfire and smashing glass!!

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Devil May Cry

August 6, 2007 at 11:00 pm (Film, T.v, Books etc)


Nope, not the video game (sorry to disappoint) … I am in fact talking about my fave author, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s, new book!! The title comes from this brilliant line in the book, “a devil may cry when he turns around and sees that he is alone”. Excellent …

I absolutely adore Sherrilyn’s books – I must have read the Dark-Hunter series books at least twice each! Hehe, basically if you’ve never heard or read any of them (something I sincerely hope you get the chance to) its basically this great twist on the vampire story. Naturally being mildly obsessed with such things I jumped right in ther; however they aren’t vampires like Dracula or Lestat but rather their mixed up in Greek mythology.

Basically (in the mythology of the series) the Greek god Appollo created a race of people who were superior to humans, called Appollites – they were all gorgeous, blonde and had psychic powers. However when some of them killed Appollo’s human mistress and child he cursed their race to live in the darkness and feed of each others blood and only living till their 27th birthday – when they literally disintergrate. -Ick!

Now the trapped Atlantean goddess of destruction Appollymi told the Appollites that if they were to take a human soul into themselves they could prolong their lives – this transformed them into Daimons. (Essentially vampires that want your soul but get to it by draining you dry of blood and then taking in your soul to prolong their lives – which they have to do quite regularly since the human souls die in the Daimon bodies.)

Following so far? …. well the¬†Greek gods couldn’t¬†have the daimons going round killing humans so Artemis (goddess of the hunt and moon) created the Dark-Hunters –¬†human men and women who had¬†been killed through betrayal and sold their souls to her for an act of vengeance –¬†in exchange they would serve her in her immortal army killing daimons. The Dark-Hunters share similar characteristics with the daimons so that they can hunt them such as psychic powers, greater strength/ sight + other senses etc; they can’t go into the sunlight either but don’t have to drink blood even though they have fangs like the daimons.

Ok, so the only way these Dark-Hunters can get out of their contract is to find a person who will love them so unconditionally that they can take the medallion with their soul inside -which insidentally burns humans, and return it to them (only a really powerful emotion like love can motivate the soul to go back into their body -thus making them human again.)

How cool is that? Basically the books are about each Dark-Hunter meeting his/her partner and usually fighting off some seriously pissed off demi-god or other foul creature. There’s other sub-plots that run through the series like the one about the Daimon king- Stryker, or about the Squire Nick who is a¬†such a loveably endeaving character who¬†unfortunately has something nasty in store for him. The series starts off with ‘Night Pleasures’ which is all about Kyrian of Thrace, although it helps to understand this character if you’ve read the earlier book ‘Fantasy Lover’ about a Greek demi-god Julian who was cursed into a book to be¬†a sex-slave. This character finds a woman who frees him but he turns up in Kyrian’s book because they both faught together two thousand years earlier against the invading Romans.

They are honestly just the best books ever! Full of action as well as romance and subtle humour – Kenyons a greatly sarcastic lady which I love her for.

Ok, so the newst book is really good because all through-out the series (10-11 books) we get snippets of information about the Dark-Hunters enigmatic leader – Acheron, who happens to be an Atlantean god -the son of Appolymi but through a twist in fate grew up as a human and later gained his god powers and was bound into Artemis’ services. Now not a lot is really known about his past – he’s haunted by it but won’t speak about it so we only see little bits; most of his Hunters don’t even know what he is. This newest book has heaps of information about him though still leaves you wanting more – he’s just such a tortured character but with so much compassion for human kind even when he was never shown any. There’s a huge reveal about a character that pops up from time to time called Katra (who appears in Wulf’s story – ‘Kiss of the Night’).¬† I have to say I did NOt see that coming – but can’t say any more cos I don’t wanna spoil it.

Hmmmm…. I just realised how much I wrote there!!! Lol, when I get onto the subject like this especially about my fave books I tend to waffle … and I only scratched the surface of all the interesting stuff, there’s so many plot twists and great characters!! Tee hee, I can’t even decide who my favourite one is – though it would most likely come down to either: Kyrian, Zarek, Vane, Fury, Simi or Acheron …. hmmmmm…. very narrow list!! tee hee

Anyway …. READ THE SERIES!!!!¬†I cannot stress this enough! Seriously you won’t regret it and soon you’ll be just as¬†caught up in the mythology as I am …. scary thought! ¬†

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Once you go black you never go back …. ALIVE!!

June 17, 2007 at 8:29 pm (Film, T.v, Books etc)


Tee-hee-hee, I was randomly searching the web and I came across this brilliant site!! lol, its called askaninja.com – basically its this guy dressed up like a ninja answering questions. I swear its absolutely hilarious. The other night I was watching some of the episodes with my head-phones on and didn’t realise I was actually laughing out loud until I looked up and realised that everyone was staring at me!!

I think they were a bit annoyed since they were trying to watch a film and my laugh is … how can I say this delicately … um … loud?! Yup, we’re talking full on hippopotamus style laughing!! lol.

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Cinema Etiquette

May 23, 2007 at 9:05 pm (Film, T.v, Books etc)


Hmmm … Spiderman 3 … Is it wrong to cheer the bad guys on?

¬†What about standing up in the cinema throwing popcorn at the screen and shouting “Hurry up and kill the rubber-faced twat” ???

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