“I want to ride my bicycle”

October 4, 2007 at 9:48 pm (Moans & Groans)


Ok so I nearly got crushed by a bus today! I was happily cycling along – minding my own business and doing my bit for the environment when this behemoth bus comes speeding past me inches away from my handlebars! I was soooo scared it took considerable self control not to dive into the hedge for safety!!

Not only did it scare the bee-jeezus out of me but then it pulled straight in front of me to get into the ‘bus stop’ and I nearly went up the back of it … which would have been seriously more detrimental to me than the bus! I’m sure I would have hardly made a dent, cept for in my nose!

Ok, so I know that everyone complains about bikes on the road (even I do when I’m driving) but at least I have the courtesy to give them enough space – though I drive a mini which is hardly all that scary looking especially since it’s decorated with butterfly decals! 🙂


I’m getting really tired off nearly being flattened by people who drive like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are on their tails! In fact I’ve started cycling as close to the centre line as I dare just so that they have to give me a wide berth! Ha, take that you silly people who can’t read the green cross code!


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