Princess of Darkness

July 2, 2007 at 6:04 pm (Me)


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk … I’ve dyed my hair black!!! It really is truly black!! Eeepp, this is definately gonna take some getting used to. Although of course I wasnt brave enough to use a permanent dye so it’ll be back to boring old brown pretty soon.

You see the thing is that I get really easily bored with my hair, eurgh I hate it most of the time cos it has this annoying tendancy to go frizzy and wavy at the slightest hint of moisture in the air!!!! Which of course is most of the time since we live in the Northern Hemisphere, and seeing how it hasn’t stopped raining for the past 3 months even though we are well into summer I haven’t got a chance!

 Still it’s not as bad as the time I cut it all off! Hmmm…. definately not the best of ideas. I used to have this lovely long perfectly straight hair that I could sit on (no exageration) and then I got to about 13 and decided to cut it all off! … BIG MISTAKE! It was in this horrible little bob that turned into a frizzy little afro which needless to say looked awful and I kinda looked like a Clingon!

I finally grew most of it back and decided to have blonde highlights put through it which messed up my hair even more and then when I got bored of them I had to grow them out which took forever!

You know what though? No-body actually noticed that I’d dyed it black! Typical, here I am being all bold with my colour choice when I could have picked up a bottle of damsen or walnut or something and no-one takes a blind it of notice!!!! Grrrrr….. So anyway, I’m trying to grow it now, it’s getting pretty long at the back- sort of mid-way sown by back sort of length … I just have to resist the urge to cut it and I should be ok! 

Hmm…… we’ll just have to wait and see …..


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