Public Transport

May 25, 2007 at 6:11 pm (Moans & Groans)


What is it about public transport that attracts wierdos? Is it like some secret mecha for those with no agenda?

Seriously, you either end up sat next to a burberry enveloped kid nervously and rather suspiciously wiping at his nose or sitting next to an old bag lady who smells like she died and nobody thought to clean up the rotting corpse!

Take today for instance, it’s 7:15 in the morning – (my oh so favourite time of day) and our regular bus driver has been swapped with this guy who looks like a dirty old tramp, on his better days! This delightfully hobbo-esque gentleman is also creepy … I mean the kind of creepy that is mentally choosing which knife would work best to evicerate you and remove your fingers and toes! *shiver*

Now it’s getting warm so naturally the skirts and ballet pumps have come out of the back of the cupboard and now the last two times I’ve gotten on the bus the driver has looked at my shoes and muttered to himself, “nice shoes” in this dark little Kevin Spacey voice. Ok, so it’s an innocent enough comment but the thing is that I don’t think he’s actually addressing me when he says it! It’s like some demonic shoe fetish voice that escapes …. creeeeeepy!

Hmmmm… I might try wearing bin-bags over my feet next time, see what he says then!


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